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The first curve.

We were drunk and curious. She kissed delicately. Probing. Her fingers were light.  After ten years of friendship, we had slept in the same bed so many times it felt natural. She was passive and touched me more with fascination than desire. A woman tastes different than I had imagined.

In the morning we both decided we were straight and analyzed our likes and dislikes. She liked my breasts, I liked the way her body moved when I ran kisses down her neck. We remain friends to this day.



Friendship. Curiosity. Vulnerability. Planned to an extent with sexual jokes and innuendos about experimenting with women. First time for both parties. Alcohol lowered inhibitions.


I had no clue what I was doing, but I had started to like her as more than a friend months before. In hindsight, I feel that women are able to become intimate with each other more easily than they are with men, because the barriers they  put up to protect themselves are nonexistent. If you can override the logical brain and activate the senses, cultural taboos can be overcome in a moment of passion.  Be comfortable with a friend. Make jokes about sex. Make her laugh in general. Mention, in a light and non-threatening way, curiosity about sexual experimentation, but never make it seem like you want anything with or from her. Complement her genuinely and openly. When the opportunity arises, think about the moments that you love in romantic movies where everything just comes together. Do what you would want your fantasy lover to do. Although every woman is different, she probably has similar desires.

Don’t talk or try to explain.