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Medellín, Colombia: Perfect weather. Friendly people. The most beautiful women in the world. Murder. Legal prostitution.  Below is my bullet list of judgments, praises and comparisons. 

  • medellin-colombia-suramericaI look like a local- less likely to get robbed. 
  • I look like a local- judged by the clothes I wear. 
  • Less racist than back home. 
  • Classist, sexist, easily offended. 
  • Food-Italian restaurants all over the city. $5 meal that would cost $40 in the states. YES.
  • Local food. NO. Except for the tropical fruit and chicharrón
  • The people are consistently rated some of the happiest in the world. I think it’s because they have no expectations.
  • Machismo, dishonesty, fear and silence. plastic surgery.
  • At least the narco-trafficking moved up north
  • illegal gold-mining is more in vogue. The name Escobar is like Smith in the US.
  • No. They are not all related to Pablo.
  • Music on every corner. Dancing is like breathing. 
  • country with the most acid attacks on women in the world. Most carried out by former lovers or pimps. 
  • I’m in the city of Eternal Spring. Back home it’s -17 F today.. -27 C. 
  • No. I won’t teach you English for free. My job didn’t pay me for 3 months. I didn’t come here to be exploited. I need money for the metro.
  • I came here to open my mind.
  • Not get fucked in the ass. Metaphorically. Watch your back here or even your closest friend will rob you blind.
  • Catholic nuns are very respectable. 
  •  7 Million displaced.
  • After I have been here a year, I’m a bit racist. A lot disillusioned. 
  • The mountains, tropical fruit, music on every corner… almost make another year worth it.
  • They stopped spraying pesticides on coca plants last year. Less cancer caused by chemicals. 
  • Coca production is up 50% from 2016.
  • Medellín has been in rehab for a long time. Functional. Tourism is growing.
  • I don’t speak English to all you jackasses in this city looking for underage prostitutes and cocaine. Thanks for giving whatever country you are from a horrible name. Don’t go back to my country. They don’t want you there. Go to hell.

The great majority of the city’s population live and die by this quote:

“A lie is more comfortable than doubt, more useful than love, more lasting than truth.”
― Gabriel García Márquez